Option 1: Personal Name
Option 2: Single Sides

From 1915 to 1940 the Janesville Ball-bearing coaster wagon was the standard of Quality. A century later some are still in use, some are collector's items.

As a favorite toy it provided play horizons limited only by the combined imaginations of the children in the family and neighborhood. It was a racer, a covered wagon, a bus, a farm wagon. It was the convenient family shopping wagon , a laundry car, the weekly trash hauler... a vehicle of endless uses. The series II is a detailed replica in design and construction, incorporating all of the features that made the original so popular.

Each is registered and has a number nameplate under the dashboard. A practical size 16" x 33" box with 4" sides. Solid red oak. Stainless Steel hardware. Ball-bearing 10" steel wheels with rubber tires. Spar Varnish finish.

Purchase for $350.00


Personalize your wagon/bed with a name on the back panel.  Pricing is for when a wagon is purchased at the same time.  If interested in a replacement back for your wagon please contact the store at 608-754-0026 or britten@wisconsinwagon.com

Using a laser we etch your name into wood and then paint it red or black.

Purchase for $35.00






Coaster Wagon stake sides are 12" high, and clamp on for easy addition or removal.

Red Oak with Spar Varnish finish. Available in both regular or double.

Purchase Regular Sides for $40.00


Purchase Double Sides for $80.00


Option 3: Double Sides
Option 4: Glass Top

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