Greetings from the Wisconsin Wagon Company! Thank you for considering our operations as part of your tour of Janesville. We enjoy having groups come to visit and we hope you are able to stop by.  We are currently only doing tours for groups 15 or larger.  If you have a smaller group, our showroom does remain open Monday-Friday at 300 N. River Street in Janesville.

Here is a bit about our tours:


  • Our tours last roughly one hour.
  • The charge is $5 per person payable the day of the tour.
  • Tours are available most weekdays, but times must be reserved in advance as tours are by appointment only.
  • We will request that you divide your group into manageable groups of 15 to 18 people. Each group will be brought in to the shop at 5-minute intervals. Each group follows the manufacturing process from the lumber delivery area, through manufacturing and assembly, ending ultimately in the display area.
  • We do not have a public restroom, but one is available on site for emergencies.  It is small, so not adequate for most large groups.
  • The tour will conclude in our display area where most of our products are on-hand and available for purchase. All of the products may be ordered at this time and shipped anywhere.

The Wisconsin Wagon Company builds and sells several different, handmade wooden products. All of the designs are historically relevant. For example, in the case of the Janesville Coaster Wagon, our flagship product, the design dates back to 1915 when the wagons were made by Janesville Products Company. We pride ourselves that our employees at Wisconsin Wagon Company are part-time, retired master craftsmen. Manufacturing includes metal, woodworking, finishing and assembly operations.

Please give us a call at 608-754-0026 to schedule a tour.  We will discuss scheduling, directions, parking, and any special needs you may have. We look forward to your visit.


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